Donations for Guatemala!

I'm taking my Sweet PEA to Guatemala to meet some of our family and to get some work done for my brand Nena & Co. I used to travel down there about every 8 weeks but my last trip was over a year ago and its time to go back. We are fitting in a TON of stuff to do on this trip and one of those things will be to visit an orphanage for disabled babies up to adult age.  

We are asking those who are interested and able to donate NEW onesies, pajamas, socks, blankets and teethers for ages NB to 2T!

Because we are limited in what we can pack in our suitcases, we are only accepting donations for ages NB-2T.We will need all donations to arrive by February 12th so we have time to sort and organize. If you are interested please ship your donation to my office with the below subject:

TO: Ali Hynek  ATTN: Guatemala Donations  ADDRESS: 45 N Barratt Ave. American Fork, UTAH 84003

If you'd like to participate but would prefer to send a cash donation than we would be very grateful! But I don't have that set up yet so stay tuned!


If you have any questions please email! Below are some photos of my sisters family visiting the same orphanage over Christmas time! Her brave little family inspired me to do the same. My sisters young kids had to wear masks as the nurses were worried they might catch any illnesses the kids might have. The nurses insisted. You'll see my older sister, her husband, their kids and my parents in the photos :)  I love them! 

Thank you!!