My name is Ali Hynek, pronounced "He-Neck". Right when I was giving up hope of finding the love of my life I found Jeremy and got him to marry me in August of 2012. We moved from Southern California to Utah in 2015 to be closer to our friends and family since we knew our goal was to start a family. 

We are an IVF family of 5! Jeremy and I had been trying for "a" baby and wouldn't you know it, we got THREE babies in one shot after THREE years on our THIRD and final try! Three is officially our lucky number. Yes, we knew there was a chance for triplets and no, we never thought it would happen to us! 

Our identical girls and fraternal boy were born March 11th, 2016. We named them Penelope Ninett, Ethan Jeremy, and Alejandra Rose. We call them PEA or Sweet PEA for short. 

I am the Founder and Owner of Nena & Co. and spend my days loving babies and working for Nena & Co. when they are down taking their naps. I turned my office at Nena & Co. into a nursery so that if I have to go to the office while the babies are awake I can at least take on or two of them with me! I don't want to miss a minute of their life but then again, sometimes, mamas gotta work!